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Maharani - Episode-11 to 20

The story far...

Maha and Rani share their room in an Orphanage. Maha gets into trouble by joining hands with Rani. Rani who dislikes orphanage life likes to know who her parents are and gives an advertisement in a newspaper.

Asim Bai who is running a racket in exporting girls to foriegn clients sees this advertisement and lays a trap for Rani.

Both fall into the trap spread by Asim and are about to be kidnapped to Mumbai when luckily the impersonate parents of Rani are caught hold of by Police.

Asim Bai gets into contact with Rani and threatens her to join him in his business along with Maha. When they refuse he gives them a shock by stage making an accident. Both are admitted to hospital.

Meanwhile Rani impersonates herself in place of Maha and prepares to enter the family fold of Devaraj who is a successful wealthy businessman worth 2000 crores or more.

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