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Maharani Episode-125 to 131

Thopias says to Rani that he has fixed for the transfer of Sandhya. He asks her to accompany him for a tour and that he had booked a hotel. Rani trembles but could not avoid.

Sandhya is in the process of shifting her residence and asks Mahalaxmi to look somewhere else for work. Mahalaxmi tells her that she can't work anywhere else. She mutters that she is afraid of Rani but Sandhya by then goes out driving her car. Maha remains weeping.

At hotel Topias is in full mood and dreams of dancing with Rani for the song of Vikram's film Kandasamy....Bambara Kannale Kadal Sangadhi Sonnale, Thanga Sillai Pol Endhan Manadhai Thavika vittale. He goes hot on her moving his fingers on her face with his hands. At the important moment a Knock comes on the door and Anand enters. He tells he was passing by and just visited. Rani forces Topias to stay along with Anand. Thus Topias dreams are thrawted.

Anand leaves and Rani is again in the clutches of Topias. Mumtaz who is jealous of Topias sleeping with Rani telephones to Yamuna and she informs Sandya about their stay in the hotel.

Sandhya goes to the hotel and brings back Rani after slapping her.

Anand tells Rani that Prakash has agreed to give 75 laks for marrying Suja. He has agreed that to give in instalments of 45 lakhs first at the time of marriage and later by two instalments.

At Sandya's house there is a knock at the door and when Maha opens the door some goonda elements kidnap her in a car.

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