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Uttaran - Episode - 510 to 520 - 31 Dec 10 to 14 Jan 11

At the drive side road Tapasya is very upset when Veer pays no attention towards her but goes along with Ichchha and eats Pan and enjoys time with Ichchha. She catches a taxi and gets back to house. She cries with Nani and chades her plans. She tells that she will be chased out when these people come to know that she is not pregnant. Mai sees Tapasya watching some fighting films and gives her some bhakti CD's and asks her to watch those so that the baby will be born with good qualities. She asks Taps to knit sweater too.

Ichchha who thinks Taps is pregnant knits sweater for the upcoming baby.

Tapasya goes to a party without informing anyone and returns back late and is caught red-handed by Veer.

Veer now doubts about the Pregnancy stories of Tapasya.

Tapasya goes to gym for doing exercises and Veer by chance happens to pass-by and sees this thus strengthening the doubts of Taps pregnancy.

The pregnancy drama of Tapasya and Nani and the doubts of Veer comes to an end with this stunned revealing when the Doctor says that Tapasya is 3 months pregnant.

Veer sees Sonograpy of Tapasya and as he sees his fatherhood shoots inside him and he unknowingly catches the hand of Tapasya with smiles. Tapasya is surprised and she keeps her hand on Veer's. Veer realises his mistake and he removes the hand and goes out.

Tapasya does not know that the family of Veer is interested only on the child and not herself. And Mai as already revealed it to the Thakur that she will chase out Tapasya once the child is born.

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