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Maharani - Episode - 51 to 60

Devaraj is hell bent to marry off Prakash with Rani while Prakash is interested to marry Mahalaxmi.

Sandhya thinking that Rani is her daughter telephones Rani and asks her to meet her to discuss about the complaint that she has received against her proof that she is the real daughter of Devaraj. When Rani tells Sandhya that Devaraj had accepted her as her daughter when she showed the ring that Devaraj gave to her mother and the letter that her mother wrote her she starts believing strongly that Rani is her daughter.

Back at home Sandhya tells Maha that she is happy after a long time. Sandhya tells Maha that she will search her a job. But Maha tells Sandya that she has already got the job in this house. Sandhya tells that it is wrong. Maha tells that she is happy to do work accepting Sandhya as her mother. Sandhya thinks of Rani and tells herself, if these words comes out of her own daughters voice how good it would be.

Meanwhile Prakash is very worried since the missing of Mahalaxmi. He finds in a newspaper a photo showing the dead body of Thiruvengadam the kidnapper of Maha and tells Rani that he is confident that Maha will return back.

Rani receives a phone call from Maha and is shocked to know that Maha is alive and is living in Chennai itself. Rani gets to know the address of Mahalaxmi's stay.

At Prakash's house his mother and sister are bent upon to marry off Prakash to Rani.

Rani comes over to Sandhya's house to meet Maha, Maha is too happy to receive her. Sandhya returns to home and finding Rani at house is overjoyed. Rani tells that Maha is her orphanage mate where both were living. Maha tells Rani that she is surprised to see Sandhya so kind to her when usually she is very stubborn and anger oriented.

Topiaz comes and meets Rani with a new baldy look and asks Rani how she could be the daughter of Devaraj when Niramala had brought Mahalaxmi on that day. Rani makes a turnabout and catches hold the leg of Topiaz and tells that she is defeated and asks him what she should do now. They then team up and Rani asks Topiaz to take back the complaint he had given to Sandhya.

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