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Maharani Episode-91 to 97 - 3 Mar 10 to 15 Mar 10

Having successfully completed a business Topias gives one crore rupees to Rani. Rani is awestuck seeing One crore rupees in the suitcase. Topias in return asks her if they can go to a picnic to Malayasia, Singapore and Thailand for three days small trip. Rani tells they shall keep the trip some other day.

Rani takes the suitcase to her house and inside her room she plays with the money putting all over her body. Later she hides it.

Rani arranges for a meeting between Suja and Anand without ever they knowing in a coffee shop. Anand drops her back home and Prakash happens to see this. His raised voiced has no affect on her and she gets the support of her mother.

Mahalaxmi visits a temple and prays for her mothers health.

Rani plans to marry Maha with Manickam and for this she speaks to Asim Bai. Asim Bai arranges a fake parents to Manickam and Manickam takes them to Sandhya's house and asks for the marriage of Mahalaxmi.

The love between Suja and Anand take shapes and Rani is overjoyed seeing this and thinks that everything is happening according to her calculations.


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