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Maharani - Episode-31 to 40

Maharani Vijay TV Serial is getting more interesting to know how Rani and Mahalaxmi are going to wriggle out themselves from the clutches of Asim Bai.

Rani is kidnapped by Asim Bai, what will happen to Rani watch Episode-31 immediately without reading further and then come back to read the later part of this hub.

In the later part of the Episode you will see Rani teaming up with Asim Bai to finish off the life of Mahalaxmi. Rani dreams that Asim Bai would put Mahalaxmi into brothel business and there would be no interference for ever to Rani in her newly acclaimed parental care and its huge wealth.

Rani with the able support of Manickam could bring in more troubles for Mahalaxmi. What dangers are in store for Mahalaxmi time only can tell. Prakash is the only person who can support her now, but Mahalaxmi thinks that Rani will help her out in her troubles and fully believes her.

Maharani - Episode-31 to 41 - Playlist Videos

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