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Uttaran - Episode - 241 to 245 - 31 Dec 09 to 6 Jan 10

Tapasya thinks of Sid who had said to her that he can do anything for her. Tapasya sees an opportunity here to somehow use Sid against Ichchha. She makes her plans alone.

At the rehabilitation centre Vansh gives speech from his heart how he was attracted to drugs by his uncle Tej Singh. How his family started suffering. He praises his brother because of whom he has got the opportunity to reform by getting admitted here. Ichchha happens to hear his speech and pities him.

Vansh and Ichchha exchange their views but do not tell their name.

At home Tapasya gives tortures to Ichchha as much as she could and Ichchha weeps alone. She longs for her mother. She speaks through phone and her mother could feel that Ichchha is being troubled without her saying it. She gives soothing words to Ichchha and tells her let what may happen she should not lose her will power to succeed.

At hospital Parez is baited with drugs by a warden and Vansh saves him by reaching there at the right time.

Vansh complains about the ward man to the Doctor and the Doctor promises action.

But it was not long before that Parez does get the drug and intaking it he dies.

Tapasya meets Sid and almost has fully convinced Sid that her suffering is due to Ichchha and that she could not get divorce from Veer to live a happy life with him because of Ichchha. Sid unknowingly tells Tapasya that he will remove Ichchha from Tapasya's life forever.

Uttaran - Episode - 241 to 245 - 31 Dec 09 to 6 Jan 10 - Playlist Videos


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