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Maharani - Episode-1 to 10

Maharani Serial that is being shown at Vijay TV is according to me the No.1 tamil serial. Other serials like Thangam, Thendral are good but still I prefer Maharani.

The story in Maharani revolves around two young girls - Mahalaxmi and Rani - who are orphaned and live in a hostel. One day Rani decides to find her parents and gives an advertisement in a newspaper without the knowledge of the hostel care takers. The plan clicks and Mahalaxmi's parents who are wealthy visit the hostel and take Rani to their house thinking her as their daughter.

Rani does not like to lose the luxurious life and so she impersonates Mahalaxmi and continues to live in Devaraj's house as their daughter.

How Mahalaxmi gets back and joins the Devaraj family and introduces her to be the true heir of the vast property and wealth is the story.

A good serial will have few characters and story has to resolve within these characters and this I found in Maharani. The cameraman has done a good job. The shooting is of a high quality.

Maharani Serial is the remake of Malayalam serial Ente Manasaputri.

If you have not watched this serial here is the link below to watch the episodes from the start.

Maharani - Episode-1 to 10 - Playlist Videos


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