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Uttaran - Episode - 128 to 132 - 13 Jul 09 to 20 Jul 09

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21st December 2010

The Thakur family finds a groom for Tapasya from a decent rich family. Veer is the groom who is well educated and comes from a rich family. Tapasya unfortunately falls in love with Siddarth. Fortunately Ichcha is made to move along with Veer and Veer slowly is drawn towards Ichcha, he closely is able to watch the social activites of Ichcha her helping nature, her innocence, her love for children, her broadmindedness and her tortures she gets at her own home by her Nanny. Selfish Tapasya utilises Ichcha in the name of a friend for all her cunning activities. Though Ichcha knows that she is being utlised wrongly she thinks that it is her duty to help Tapasya her so called friend.

Veer's Loving moments:

Then Veer meets Ichcha's childhood friend and through her comes to know the whole history of Ichha right when she once lived in Basti before moving to Haveli. It really was a moving emotional facts which lifted Ichcha's image to himalayan heights for ever in the mind of Veer. He justs sits in the tea shop and goes on watching the teaching of Ichha. As its the nature of human beings Ichha is also distracted from her teaching and like a magnet often gives glances towards Veer.

On one occasion Veer himself was forced to ask sorry to Ichcha and that too catching his ear. Great moments.

Ichha's school children are denied entry in drawing competition. Veer comes to know of this. Silently Veer goes to seek permission from the Education Department, initially the officer refuses and when Veer introduces himself whose grandson he his. The person sitting is flaberghasted, with all smiles and humbleness he immediately obliges everything. It reminds me of Rajinikanth getting his sister's admission to medical college in Badshaah film.

Both Ichha and Veer give practise to children to play Kattuputhili. During preparation Ichha accidently keeps her hands on the laid down hand of Veera and never lifts it up and just sees into the eyes of Veer. And later after giving practise to children when Veer says, "Ok, I am going," Ichha without thinking asks him, "so soon?" And both realise what the words meant.

Ichha tells Veer not to phone her but henceforth to phone only to Tapasya, Veer for once thought that she is not in love with him, but immediately when she stumbles back and Veer gives his chest as support and holds her she just goes on looking into his eyes and there Veer saw love of her towards him.

Veer rightly says, life is decided in one moment and that one moment comes to a person any time.

And then its all LOVE LOVE LOVE. Have yourself enjoying it in the following episodes till 21st July 2009 episode in this Part-4 of Uttaran. Woh Dheko Tootha Thar.

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