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Maharani-Episode-146 to157 - 9-6-10 to 5-7-10

And, finally, finally...FINNNALLLLYY it is revealed...what a moment. And this great opportunity has been given to Mumtaz, good, fantastic, marvellous.

For once I thought Rani from behind the trees will shoot at Mumtaz before she reveals the secret. For once I thought Thopias will arrive at the scene...or... I thought Sandya itself may not stay on to listen and could move away. But we were left to enjoy and relish the reality.

Now Sandhya had told Maha to leave the house, and Maha as you saw in yesterday's episode was getting ready to leave the house. Will she be there in house when Sandhya returns. Our heart starts thumping when Sandhya returns... Will she once again has to go on search for her daughter?! When she returns true as it is she does not find Maha, she starts searching for her everywhere....just an hour or two before she had told Maha to leave the house... and now she is searching for her, with her heart in her hands. Where has Maha gone, where will she be, where will she decide to live. Whether Topias once again had kidnapped her.

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