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Uttaran - Episode - 123 to 127 - 1 Jul 09 to 9 Jul 09

Tapasya begs Ichcha to go to her mother Divya and tell her that she doesn't' want to marry now. Tapu says that her father Jogi will not accept this. Tapu asks Ichcha to tell this to Divya and then Jogi will abide. Ichcha is very hesitant and tell that she can't. Tapu says that she doesn't' want to hear anything and just for their friendship sake she must tell this to Divya. Ichcha tries to make Tapu understand that someday she has to marry so whats the use of doing all this. Tapu says when she wants to marry she would see but she doesn't' want t o marry now. Tapu forces Ichcha and sends her to speak to Divya and she tells her that she knows she would make her parents understand this.

My likes --in this Part-2 of Uttaran July 2009

1. I like...When Veer says to Ichcha while they sit under a tree without talking anything... 'Kamoshi ka rishta sa ban gaya'

2. I liked...When Veer follows Ichcha to the Basti and closes his nose withsave his handkerchief, and then he is shocked to hear, Ichha telling him, "Aise rumal math rakiyee, Ehan par bhi log rahathein hai, Unka apman math kijihe, please." He is stunned. Something he feels he has realised or made to realise. And he finds Ichha is something extra-ordinary. Again following her he finds her teaching poor students and his heart goes soft and melting. What a model this girl is! She just gets her image lifted up now in the minds of Veer.

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