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Uttaran - Episode - 246 to 250 - 7 Jan 10 to 13 Jan 10

Ichchha receives the belongings of Parez and goes through his belongings and gets emotional.

Veer after failing to reach through mobile waits outside Jogi Thakur's house to meet Ichchha.

Tapasya sees him and brings him inside and acts like a good samaritan. She even chides her Nani and tells her to keep quiet when Nani questions Veer's intention to see Ichchha.

Vansh feels guilty at the death of Paresh and Ichchha tells him that it is not his mistake. Vansh who acts ferocious with other calms down when he sees Ichchha and hears her words.

Vansh parents Umed Singh and Gunavanthi come to see him with great expectations and excitement after knowing his recovery but they see a different Vansh. The doctor says that Vansh is very upset after the death of Parez. He becomes quiet and calm by seeing a teacher and tells them he needs her for his improvement. She has some positive energy. Umed Singh and Gunavathi do not know that the teacher is none other than Ichchha. They ask the doctor to give her whereabouts and doctor promises to do it as soon as he gets the information.

After putting Siddarth behind Ichchha to kill her Tapasya is dreaming of her death with excitement.

Siddarth waits for Ichchha in a car and as she comes by kidnaps her. Fortunately Veer happens to see this and he follows the car. Siddarth wears a wollen mask to hide his identity.

Siddarth stops the car at a lonely forest area and drags Ichchha out of the car and take her inside the forest area. Veer after great search finally finds Sid and in the tussle between them Ichchha is shot at her belly.

Veer lifts and takes her to hospital and admits her.

Nani, Tapasya, Pushkar and Rohini come to hospital with great tension. Veer tells Nani that someone had tried to kill Ichchha.

Uttaran - Episode - 246 to 250 - 7 Jan 10 to 13 Jan 10 - Playlist Videos


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