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Maharani - Episode-21 to 30

Maharani Vijay TV Serial has completed its 20th episode and has caught the interest of many viewers, it is moving at a thrilling phase. Rani sees Prakash during her birthday celebrations and just like Sita falls in love with Rama at the first sight she falls in love with Prakash. This actually is a unflinching love that she has on him but Prakash is in love with Mahalaxmi.

Prakash sends Suja his sister to convey his love to Mahalaxmi, but the second villian of this serial does the opposite.

Now the story is around the box which Mahalaxmi possessed. In that box lies the secret of Mahalaxmi's parents identity. This is the proof to link her to her parents. But Mahalaxmi loses the box to Rani, who with that box as proof convinces Devaraj that she is her daughter. Thus Rani is able to enter the house of Devaraj as his daughter and the only sole heir of the vast wealth of Devaraj amounting to Rs.2,000 crores.

Whether Mahalaxmi is able to chase Rani out of Devaraj's house and prove herself to be the heir of this huge property... watch in the coming episodes.

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