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Uttaran - Episode - 251 to 255 - 14 Jan 10 to 20 Jan 10

Tapasya is going through highest tension ever faced by her in her whole life. She refuses to attend Sid's call. She removes the sim card and throws it. She is afraid that if Ichchha recovers she will name her knowing all.

Pushkar calls up and informs Jogi Thakur and family who are at Darjeeling. The three of them immediately start for Bombay and reach hospital.

Gunavanthi when informed refuses to go to hospital not knowing that the girl shot at is most wanted by Vansh for his recovery.

Sid comes over to hospital to see Tapasya and is caught by Veer. Police is called by and he is handed over. Tapasya watches all this and is totally shocked.

At home police come over for passport verification of Tapasya and she gets bowled out. She comes to normal when knowing it is passport verification.

Police come over to hospital for questioning Ichchha and Tapasya bowls turn over. Jogi Thakur asks if the Accused has revealed the reason for attempting to murder. Police say he has not revealed the name behind this.

Uttaran - Episode - 251 to 255 - 14 Jan 10 to 20 Jan 10 - Playlist Videos


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