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Uttaran - Episode - 536 to 550 - 07 Feb 11 to 25 Feb 11

In Uttaran shown on Colors TV channel Veer and Ichchha's contacts with Satya and Sanchi is taking up new twists in their life. It looked that a new relationship was brewing in their life for good.

Veer one day with sheer negligence while driving takes away his eyes on the road and helps Ichchha tightening her seat belt in the car. As bad luck crept in the life of Sanchi she crossed the road without care and was hit by Veer's car and thrown high. Veer rushed her to hospital.

Satya was called in to the hospital. Police was to take Veer into custody when Satya told them he was Sanchi's brother and he has no complaint on Veer.

Veer and Ichchha are spending their times in the hospital with guilt. Sanchi who was unconscious for a long time bringing in tension to all finally comes to senses but is unable to see.

Veer and Ichchha decide to take Sanchi to their house and look after her. Veer's father supports their decision.

Back at Veer's house the trusted servant of the house does not trust Satya and feels that something may go wrong. Satya while driving his car finds break failure and hits a tree...

Uttaran - Episode - 536 to 550 - 07 Feb 11 to 25 Feb 11 - Playlist Videos


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