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Maharani Episode-81 to 90 - 15 Feb 10 to 2 Mar 10

Rani is successful in mixing the poison in the payasam served and Sandya gets poisoned. The poison starts acting severely and she is unable to breath and calls out Maha in troubled voice. White bubbles stars coming out of the mouth. Taking strength she walks towards the door and fortunately is able to open the door lock but with no further strength she falls to the ground yelling out for the one last time the name of Maha.

Mahalaxmi gets alerted by hearing the sound and coming over finds Sandhya struggling. Sandhya is admitted to the hospital.

Sandhya recovers at hospital and when everything gets going good Rani with the intention of killing Sandya visits hospital and succeeds by taking the oxygen tube from the nose of Sandya. Sandya bleeds with blood in the nose and struggles to breath. A nurse comes over and finds blood and she puts back the oxygen tube and emergency treatment is given.

Sandya survives but Rani and Topias plan and then fix Mahalaxmi of having poisoned Sandya. The police arrest Maha and put her behind bars, beat her and torture her.

Doctor says to Sandya that Mahalaxmi can never have poisoned her and the police is acting on some others advice.

Sandhya takes no action to get Maha out of the lock-up cell but another person who in the hope of utilising Maha to kill Sandya gets her out of the cell. He asks her to kill Maha and Maha refuses. He threatens her.

Maha comes back to hospital and serves Sandhya but Sandya doubts her.

Rani fights with the inspector for having left Maha after taking one lakh from her. The inspector asks her to get out of the station or he will put her in the lock-up.

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