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Uttaran - Episode - 495 to 509 - 10 Dec 10 to 30 Dec 10

Veer is having tough time with Dadaji. Ichcha is not liked by Dadaji or Veer's mother. There is more trouble ahead for Ichcha. And it is again Tapasya coming out with some plans.

Tapasya who is faking pregnant telling she is carrying Veer's child plans to enter Veer's house. She meets Veer's mother Mai in a temple and fakes fainting and pregnant. Mai then asks Tapasya to come and stay in her house so that the child is born in Mai's house.

At the house of Veer she makes every attempt and plan to be with Veer and move with him.

Veer is asked by Mai to take Tapasya out and buy her Ice Cream. Ichcha nods to Veer and he reluctantly agrees after hearing the driver has gone home. Veer then asks Ichcha to accompany them and takes her hand in his and leaves. Taps feels defeated to go alone with Veer.

Veer buys Tapasya Ice Cream while Ichcha and Veer themselves go along hand in hand to eat pan. Taps feels defeated once again.

Uttaran - Episode - 495 to 509 - 10 Dec 10 to 30 Dec 10 - Playlist Videos


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