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Maharani Episode-71 to 80 - 1 Feb 10 to 15 Feb 10

Yamuna brings back home Rani from Sandhya's house. Both Devaraj and Yamuna are overjoyed on her return. Yamuna thanks Rani for having accepted her as her mother.

Devaraj dismisses Topias for having embezzled Rs.25,000/- from office account. Topias calls Rani and complains about it.

Rani then comes over to office and joins office and Devaraj is happy on her interest in business. She calls for Topias and gives him a promotion as a P.A. to herself. Devaraj is unable to do anything but thinks that she is more intelligent.

Maha calls for Prakash to her house and asks Prakash to marry Rani. Prakash refuses and goes back showing anger on Sandhya.

Asim Bai and Manickam make a deal and Manickam tells him that Maha now seems easy to be brought out of Sandhya's house. He demands a decent amount to handover her to him. Asim accepts it.

Rani dupes Prakash through phone that she is committing suicide. Prakash runs over to stop her and finds that she faked it and gets more anger on her. Yamuna and Devaraj finding him at house misunderstand him attempting molestation.

Manickam is stunned to hear Maha telling him that she is willing to marry him.

Rani meets a new man Anand and they decide to become friends.

Devaraj and Yamuna decide to transfer their property to Rani's name and Rani crookedly smiles. Right at that moment Sandhya awakens with shock telling that her daughter is in danger. She prays God to save her daughter not knowing that she is praying for Maha.

Rani and Topias plan to murder Sandya by poisoning her and putting the blame on Maha. Rani comes over with the poison to Sandya's house with the cruel intention of murdering her.

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