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Uttaran - Episode - 221 to 225 - 3 Dec 09 to 8 Dec 09

Ichchha returns back to school to teach the basti children. Cookie tells her that Parez has taken to drugs in the absence of Ichchha. Ichchha goes in search of Parez.

Nani happily arranges things in a basket to go to hospital. Divya says to her that she should not go to hospital.

Ichchha goes to see Jogi Thakur in the hospital and tells him that Tappu wants to meet him for which he gets upset and Divya stops Ichchha speaking further about Taps.

Veer puts his full efforts by encouraging Vansh to leave his drug habits. He tells Vansh that he is his hero. He tells him that for Thakurs nothing is impossible.

Tej Singh tries to steal jewels adorned in the Haveli and is caught red-handed and handed over to the police. Before being taken by the police Tej Singh tries to make Veer's family believe that Vansh has let him in to steal. Vansh gets very upset by this.

Uttaran - Episode - 221 to 225 - 3 Dec 09 to 8 Dec 09-Playlist Videos


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