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Uttaran - Episode - 206 to 210 - 12 Nov 09 to 18 Nov 09

Tapasya gets frustrated that no one loves her, her father, mother and Veer. She breaks the mirror, hits the food plates brought by Rohini spilling the eatables all over the floor mat.

Nani the grandmother of Tapasya starts guiding her. She tells that with anger there will be only fire it never subsides. When Tapasya tells that no one loves her, Nani tells she loves her. She tells to forget about the love matter. Everything will be alright even her mother’s motherhood will not last long and will start loving her.

Ichchha decides to meet Veer to turnaround his love towards Tapasya and accept her as his wife.

Veer who had been happy to meet Ichchha and when hears that she still is taking the name of Tapasya he tells her that he can never accept Tapasya as his wife and drives away in his car leaving behind Ichchha.

Back at Haveli Divya waits anxiously for the return of Ichchha and as she returns she tells Ichchha that whatever has happened is happened and she do not meet Veer in future since he has become the husband of Tapasya now.

Damini who overhears these conversations then comes over and privately tells Ichchha that henceforth they shall start a new life and she should forget Tapasya. But when Ichchha again takes the name of Taps Damini realises so wrong she had been bringing up this girl who has forgotten to care of herself. So she decides to leave Haveli so that Ichchha forgets Tapasya. But Damini forgets about Jogi Thakur's love towards Ichchha. When Damini and Ichchha are about to leave Haveli Jogi Thakur unable to bear the separation faints and is hospitalised.

Uttaran - Episode - 206 to 210 - 12 Nov 09 to 18 Nov 09


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