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Maharani Episode-61 to 70 - 8 Jan 10 to 28 Jan 10

Rani goes to Sandhya's house to fight in support of Devaraj. Sandhya slaps her and also tells her that she is her mother.

Rani now plays the daughter card with Sandya and Sandhya gets emotional. Maha gets to see their (Sandhya and Rani) love bond and inside feels... if only her mother had been here she could have also loved her in this same way. Poor Maha she does not know that her mother is standing right in front of her embracing the wrong person.

Rani puts her wish to marry Prakash to the ear of Sandhya. Sandya gets to know about Prakash's character from Maha. Prakash accepts for the engagement arrangements between himself and Rani due to his mother and sister's insistence.

Prakash accidently meets Maha and asks her how she could marry another person when they both love each other. Maha who is stunned at such a question tells that she has never dreamed about marriage and has married no one.

Prakash comes to know Rani has played tricks with the letter and goes to the place where engagement is arranged and fires at Rani that he may marry any other girl but never her.

This is the first failure of Rani in her attempt to marry Prakash.

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