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Uttaran - Episode - 521 to 535 - 17 Jan 11 to 04 Feb 11

Veer takes Tapasya to hospital for Sonography. While sitting thoughtless he sees the monitor where a shadow like picture moves depicting the movement of child. He unknowingly becomes interested in the movement of the child. Again unknowingly he gets love on the child and his hands unknowingly holds Tapasya. Tapasya is happy and is full of smiles. Veer suddenly comes to his senses and realises the mistake when Tapasya keeps her hand on Veer's.

Veer immediately goes out and back at home he tells sorry to Ichchha. Tapasya is overjoyed of that happened in the hospital and shares her joy with Nani. Nani tells Tapasya that this is only the beginning and Veer will get attracted to her. She tells that Tapasya draw the concentration of Veer towards her at every opportunity.

Damini is worried of what would be going in the minds of Ichchha when Veer goes to hospital with Tapasya.

The servant for her part pours oil into the minds of Ichchha.

Nani tells Tapasya that by the grace of God she is pregnant.

Uttaran - Episode - 521 to 535 - 17 Jan 11 to 04 Feb 11 - Playlist Videos


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