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Uttaran - Episode - 211 to 215 - 19 Nov 09 to 26 Nov 09

Damini thinks that enough was enough she overhears the conversations between Divya and Ichchha and then comes over and privately tells Ichchha that henceforth they shall start a new life and she should forget Tapasya. But when Ichchha again takes the name of Taps Damini realises so wrong she had been bringing up this girl who has forgotten to care of herself. So she decides to leave Haveli so that Ichchha forgets Tapasya.

Damini goes to Jogi and tells him that she wants to leave Haveli. She folds her hands and tells please don't stop me this time.

Jogi becomes more weak and upset. He comes over and tells Nani that it was she who had done all this. He asks Nani, "You had known these, still why did'nt you stop the marriage. Why?" he shouts. "It could be you who had taught these." Nani weeps as Jogi goes on accusing her. As soon as Jogi leaves Nani smiles.

Damini and Ichchha finally decide to leave. Jogi goes on seeing Ichchha while she leaves him, he faints and falls, Ichchha who had been looking back at Jogi while moving out shouts 'Papa' and comes running to where Jogi lays.

Jogi is hospitalised and in the corridor of the hospital Nani then and then goes on scolding Ichchha, she tells both Damini and Ichchha that they leave Haveli.

Veer visits hospital and goes on seeing Ichchha. Later he probingly stares at Ichchha whenever he finds time and passes by in the hospital corrider.

Ichchha sees Veer when she is bringing a glass of water and they both stand seeing one another without talking.

As there is improvement in the health of Jogi, Divya knowing the high love Jogi Thakur has on Ichchha and Damini and they have on Jogi sends them first to see Jogi Thakur inside the intensive care unit.

Ichchha and Jogi share their father and daughter love silently for sometime and then Ichchha calls Papa. Jogi Thakur again asks forgiveness for what has been done to her. It also could mean that he does not want them to leave Haveli.

Damini then tells Jogi that she will never leave Haveli. She tells Ichchha will remain with him only.

When Veer and his family return to Haveli they find Vansh and Tej Singh drinking, dancing and making merry in center of the hall.

Uttaran - Episode - 211 to 215 - 19 Nov 09 to 26 Nov 09


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