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Uttaran - Episode - 226 to 230 - 9 Dec 09 to 15 Dec 09

Ichchha goes to the hospital to see Jogi. Jogi finds Ichchha being upset and asks her what she is worried about. She tells that Parez her student has taken to drugs. Jogi tells not to worry and tells her that he has a friend Doctor Avasthi and he will help her.

Vansh goes in search of drugs and intakes drugs and lays on the roadside. Veer goes in search of Vansh he searches for him everywhere and finds him. Vansh realises that he should come out of this habit lest if Veer was not there he would have been a dead person on the road-side.

Tapasya in order win over Veer's family sings before God...Raghupathi Ragava Raja Ram Pathi Thapavana Seetha Ram. Eswara Allah There Nam Sabko Sanmathi Deh Bagawan. No doubt she reads these from a piece of paper hidden by her and when the paper slips down from her hand she is unable to recite and goes on coughing.

Veer takes Vansh to hospital and admits him. Veer tells him that he will come daily to meet him.

At home Tapasya tries to imitate Ichchha and asks all children to come to house for receiving chocolate. Knowing fully well that Veer is standing and watching behind she tries to teach them some maths etc. Phone rings and Veer moves over to attend it. Thinking that Veer has gone she chases the children away and when she turns back she finds Veer laughing and standing there.

Umed Singh Thakur and Mai go to yatra and Tapasya gets freedom so she dances in the rain. Veer comes over there and Taps seeing him calls him and then suddenly falls down pretending to have hurt her leg and sits there rain pouring on her. Veer having no other go lifts her up and puts her back in bed.

Taps switches on the Tape recorder and in the background of a sweet song.. Bahoo Me Chale Aaho Oh, hum Se sanam Kya pardah. Jiya jikah nahin milan hai sangee umar bar ka... Taps dances attractively and closely with Veer. She is fully drenched and dances catching hold of Veer twisting her body and carasing Veer and arouses his manly in all ways she could. At the end of this attractive film like dance Veer stares her and Taps holds his face near her face. Veer silently moves over and locks the door. Taps gets excited seeing this and waits for Veer to come and embrace her. She floats in full love dreams. Veer comes by and catches hold of her hip and pulls her towards him. Taps goes to extreme escatasy, Veer tells her that she is perfect and arouses her womanhood more. He tells her that he has missed her until now. He makes her sit in the bed and tells her that her, "I will just be back." Taps goes bersek inside her mind thinks taking the roop of mohini has worked just as her Nani said. But... Veer returns with a plastic bucket full of water and pours it on her head. He asks her, "What happened, your dream is broken?" Taps feels anger and cheated.

Veer drags her in front of the mirror and asks to see her face in the mirror and asks her how a person like her who loves herself can love anyone else.

Taps hits back, "then what is love?" Veer tells, the love that he has with Ichchha is the true love. Taps says some hard true facts to Veer "it is I who has cut my hand and not Ichchha." "You both are just doing dramas to get good name, Ichchha to get good name with Jogi and you with your family. If your love is true, What Tapasya... world's no power can stop your Ichchha to come over here for you."

Those were hard words from Taps to Veer, it makes Veer to think more and think of his love with Ichchha. He goes on thinking and thinking of how true those words are.

Uttaran - Episode - 226 to 230 - 9 Dec 09 to 15 Dec 09 - Playlist videos


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