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Maharani - Episode - 41 to 50

Rani finally is successful in chasing away Mahalaxmi from Devaraj's house. Devaraj who is fond of Mahalaxmi joins her to a Ladies Hostel.

Rani through Asim arranges for the kidnapping of Mahalaxmi from hostel. An old man named Thiruvengadam visits the orphanage and introduces himself as Mahalaxmi's uncle, he tells that he has come from coimbatore and his sister is the mother of Mahalaxmi.

The sister from Orphanage takes him to Devaraj's house and from there he is directed to hostel.

Thiruvengadam shows to Mahalaxmi a forged letter purported to be written by her mother and convinces Maha to accompany him.

Mahalaxmi gets convinced and agrees to go along with Thiruvengadam.

He takes her to a hotel with the intention of raping her before handing her to Asim Bai. But his efforts costs him his life. Asim Bai kills him.

Meanwhile during this commotion down at the hotel Mahalaxmi gets the opportunity to escape.

Mahalaxmi is chased by Asim Bai and while running Maha comes under the car of Sandhya.

This minor accident becomes a turning point in the life of Mahalaxmi. Sandhya is none other than her own mother and she gets shelter in her house but as a servant because they do not know their relationships.

Sandhya goes to Devaraj's house for enquiry and finds that he is none other than her lover who had left her high and dry without any trace leaving her pregnant.

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