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Uttaran - Episode - 256 to 260 - 21 Jan 10 to 27 Jan 10

Jogi Thakur says that he will find out who is behind the attempt to kill Ichchha and will give that person the hardest of hard punishment. Tapasya hearing this is more tension borne. She prays to God to save her and that she should not have done this.

Siddarth is brought to the hospital and immediately Ichchha shouts he is the boyfriend of Tappu, before marriage she was loving him. Jogi Thakur looks furious. Veer goes and pulls the mangal sutra of Tapasya. Everyone has a stunned looked. Sid is bewildered. The police say to Tappu, "You are under arrest." he takes the hand-cuff in front of her face.

Suddenly a voice is heard, "Ichchha answer, where have you seen him. See him with attention do you know him?" Tapasya come to her senses.

Ichchha immediately recalls Tapasya introducing Ichchha to Sid and he wishing her. Ichchha thinks over and says, 'No I do not know him, I have never seen him."

Tapasya's heart sinks and is relieved and she starts feeling for Ichchha. She starts remembering her old playful days with Ichchha. She really is very moved by Ichchha's kind gesture in not giving her name.

Umed Singh and Gunavanthi come over to see Ichchha at hospital, they meet Tapasya and tell her that Vansh recovery depends on a girl who is a teacher. Tapasya immediately remembers Ichchha admitting Parez to hospital and she starts devising new plans. She smiles and tells that she will find out the girl.

From then on she acts like being at very good friend of Ichchha and serves her by giving her water food etc.

To her father she tells that she likes to relieve Veer from the bondage of her marriage with him. Jogi Thakur and Divya are moved with emotion and think how good their girl is.

Uttaran - Episode - 256 to 260 - 21 Jan 10 to 27 Jan 10 - Playlist Videos


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