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Uttaran - Episode - 236 to 240 - 23 Dec 09 to 30 Dec 09

Ichchha admits Parez to the hospital. Vansh sees Ichchha sitting outside in the steps of hospital and starts his first talk with her. He discourages her on the recover of Parez but she shots back with encouraging words and Vansh is dumb-stuck. Ichchha happens to see Vansh again and starts her talk telling him sorry. She tells him that Parez is a lone boy with no one to take care but Vansh has a family to look after him and care for him. The second meeting of Ichchha with Vansh again brings positive changes in him.

Sid sends lots of flowers to Taps and she is happy. He sends her love messages to her mobile and she smiles on that.

Ichchha goes to hospital taking food to Parez. Ichchha to sooth the mind of Parez sings for him, Auhoo thumme chand meli jayein... pyar bare sapane sajaye... chota sa bangala banayein... ek nahi duniya sajayein. Then starts the famous background music of Uttaran. Vansh goes on seeing this... Ichchha tells that she will meet him the next day at this same time 12'o' clock. She gives him her watch to know the time. Vansh rushes to stop Ichchha giving watch to him. Ichchha shots him back who is him to stop her, and leaves him staring. The third meeting of Vansh ends thus...

Tapasya goes to her regular massage paralour and meets Sid there. As usual he expresses love to her and Taps differentiates his love with Veer's.

Veer who was thoughful then decides to end Tapasya's matter once for all. He asks his mother Mai to accompany him to Jogi's house. At Jogi's house present there are Tapasya, Nani, Pushkar, Rohini and Ichchha. While everybody thinks that Veer and Mai had come to take back Taps, Veer tells them that he has loved Ichchha and he wants to come out of the relationship with Tapasya and marry Ichchha. He keeps divorce papers in front of Tapasya and asks her to sign those if she is really having any self-respect. Ichchha walks near Veer and slaps him telling that he is the husband of Taps and she cannot destroy Taps life and build her own life upon it. Everyone is shocked but Veer goes on and tells his decision is final and asks Tapasya to sign the divorce papers. Taps does not sign the papers and Veer leaves the house.

A ward man in the hospital tries to exchange drugs with Parez for the watch he has. Vansh sees this and thrashes the man out and saves Parez from taking to drugs again. Ichchha who comes to know this thanks him.

Sid calls for Taps and Taps agrees to meet him.

Veer comes over to hospital to meet Vansh. Vansh tells him that he has met a lady who is soft like a flower and who always cares for others. Veer asks who she is and Vansh tells him that he will make them meet.

Sid and Taps go for a ride and Taps drives the car in a rash manner to scare off Sid and to test his endurance. Sid is not shaken by the speed of the car and he tells he is ready to sacrifice his life for her.

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