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Uttaran - Episode - 231 to 235 - 16 Dec 09 to 22 Dec 09

Jogi Thakur has returned back from his hospital and are preparing to go on vacation to Darjeeling. Divya hands over the house key and responsibility of the Haveli to Ichchha and asks other family members to co-operate with Ichchha.

Tapasya is so ashamed that she goes to her parental house. Seeing Ichchha Taps tells that her life is doomed because of her.

At hospital Vansh says, that he does not want to meet Veer. He pushes him and the ward boy takes Veer away.

Taps tries to remove the mangal sutra when Nani stops her and tells her that it is her power. Taps tells that it is of no use. She had done all types of works that she has never done before. She has not gone to any shopping nor honeymoon. It is a booth bangala. Veer always tells Ichchha's mantra.

Taps asks Ichchha, "Tell the truth, even now you meet Veer secretly." Ichchha says, after your marriage I have not talked with him. Ichchha then starts telling that she had told all types of lies just for the sake of her. She even now loves her and she is her friend. "I can do for you anything."

Mai comes over to take back Tapasya, Nani tries to make some resistance before sending her back and Mai tells her that she will take her some other day.

Sid the lover of Taps sees her driving car...follows her and stops her. Sid tells her that he loves her and is ready to marry her if she can come out of her present marriage.

Mai asks Veer if he breaks this relationship with Taps whether this house will be in peace and happy. She asks him to sit face to face and talk this out with Taps. Veer goes into thought and thinks what is mother is saying is true.

Uttaran - Episode - 231 to 235 - 16 Dec 09 to 22 Dec 09-Playlist Videos


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