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Uttaran - Episode - 261 to 265 - 28 Jan 10 to 4 Feb 10

Gunawanthi becomes a chow chow bath when Tapu says that Veer's love with Ichchha is real. She hoodwinks Gunwanthi with her mundane tears. On his part Jogi who had been very angry on Tappu when she married Veer deceitfully is bowled it, he says she is doing her retribution and he blesses her to do more hira-keri. Nani's flat face becomes more flattened hearing Tapu's great turnaround. The chemistry she feels is now missing between them. Gunwanthi says that she always thinks that Tapu is her bahu and now because of her this 'Gun' (attitude) of maturity she in her heart becomes greater Gunawanthi. When finally Gunawanthi is about to leave Tapu does the coup de grace of touching her feet so that she can kick her heart later.

At the rehabilitation centre Vansh who is a mind reader asks Veer, what he is so happy about today and so does Veer to Vansh. While both are happy because they feel each one has got Ichchha now. Veer asks the name of the teacher who has attracted him so much and right at the time of knowing it... his good heart (goes to help an attendant for some seconds when Vansh seeing the other way says 'Ichchha') or Vansh's good heart makes him not to hear. Then Mai the oldie calls Veer back to home.

Tapasya lying at her bed links her name with Veer and feels that Veer and Ichchha can never become a Jodi, when she has the danda in her hand.

Veer's grandfather is against Veer divorcing Tapasya. Mai plays her crooked thing as always, but Veer says a husband and wife relationship can flourish only when there is love.

Tapasya sees Jogi talking with the inspector and is shocked to know that Sid is slowly giving up and at any time could reveal the name of whom he had worked for. The inspector could have just walked taking the photo and inquired about Sid in clubs etc...and would have known that he is the lover of Taps but for this story that is not to be.

Damini rightfully feels how can a marriage take place between Veer and Ichchha when Veer and Tapasya have not divorced leagally. Her sixth sense might be alerting her that something is wrong behind these dramas.

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Uttaran - Episode - 261 to 265 - 28 Jan 10 to 4 Feb 10 - Playlist Videos


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