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Uttaran - Episode - 201 to 205 - 5 Nov 09 to 11 Nov 09

Uttaran episode 201 to 205 has these story to offer :-

Veer tells to Tapasya that he will never accept this cheating as marriage, he has loved Ichchha and only she can be in his life.

Veer is anger with Tapasya at his house and when Tapasya is about to go to her parental house for customary rituals he accidently sees that Tapasya has bandaged her forearm. Seeing this something strikes him and he starts asking her what this bandage on her forearm is. Tapasya tells that a cut took place while wearing bangle.

Veer starts working with his mind and recalls the events that took place just before the marriage… he is able to break things and put those in proper places and know what really could have happened.

Jogi Thakur is with extreme sad for what Tapasya has done to Ichchha and Veer.

He realises that this cheating in marriage is not going to do any good to Tapasya and Veer. Veer is never going to accept Tapasya in his life.

Jogi knows that something has happened that has forced Ichchha to take this decision to sacrifice her Veer to Tapasya.

He is unable to know how this has happened while both Ichchha and Tapasya tell that they have done this to save the name of Thakur's both families.

Tapasya fakes crying with her mother and tells her that she has done all these just for the sake of Ichchha. Divya easily falls and believes in Tapasya’s words and thinks that Tapasya has done this to save the name of both the Thakur’s family.

Divya tells this to Jogi Thakur and Jogi Thakur asks back to Divya how a girl who is in love with Veer could change her decision in the last minute.

Veer comes to Jogi Thakur’s house, Tapasya and all others think that he has come to take back Tapasya back to his house but no one knew there is going to be a great shock awaiting everyone.

Veer asks the whole family including Ichchha and her mother to assemble in the hall.
Veer asks each and everyone to take their seat. After making them all to sit he asks Ichchha to tell the truth of what happened during the marriage. Ichchha repeats the same that she was afraid to get married in a Thakur’s family. Veer shots back that Ichchha has lost her last chance to tell the truth. Jogi asks Ichchha to tell the truth because Veer wants to know it. Veer tells he has done a foolish thing in loving Ichchha since she does not know what love is. Ichchha’s mother gets angry and shouts ‘Veer’ to which Veer tells that this anger should have been there before.

Veer then tells that what had happened on the day of marriage. Veer catch holds tightly the hand of Tapasya raising it above and everyone now could see the bandage in Tapasya’s forearm. He tells that Tapasya has cut her hand and has done suicide dramas and not to save the family’s life. She did this to snatch the happiness of Ichchha and to snatch Veer from Ichchha. Everyone is stunned. Veer asks Ichchha whether this is not true. Ichchha accepts the facts and tells ‘yes’ it is true and further tells that Tapasya loves him. Veer screams that they can be never any lie than this. He further tells that Tapasya can never love anyone neither her friend, her father or anyone. And now if no one stops her it could prove costly later. If there is trouble in anybody’s life she will never remain she will leave and go in search of new life with new lies. Telling these Veer leaves the house.

Veer has totally unmasked the face of Tapasya of what she is and Jogi Thakur is shaken and believes every word of Veer.

Tapasya follows him and falls to the ground. Tapasya tells Jogi that all these are not true. Jogi Thakur shouts at the top of his voice and tells to stop these nonsense. He then tells her that he is no more her father. There is no more relations between her and him.

Tapasya then turns her anger against Ichchha and asks Jogi why he should accept Ichchha as his daughter. She has been trying so many times to chase away Ichchha from the house and he has been bringing her back.

This is another stroke for Jogi Thakur, he realises that all these days she has been showing jealous and enemity towards Ichchha. Then he thinks the events one by one the breaking of cycle, leaving Ichchha in the forest etc. Now there is more and more hatred towards Tapasya.

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