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Maharani-Episode-175 to 191 - 2-8-10 to 24-8-10

Its interesting to note that almost all Tamil serials are picking up heat. Boring scenes like tortures of heroine or hero by villians are less now compared to previous eposides in Maharani and Athipookal.

Maharani Tamil Serial in Vijay TV is now picking up fast, in today's episode Manikkam has a physical fight with Thopias and finds Rani afraid and upset when he tells her that he will reveal the secret of the box which belongs to Maharani. He reveals the suspicious acts of Rani to Prakash. He tells that he finds Rani very much emotionally upset and afraid of something about the box which he stole from Mahalaxmi and gave it to Rani. He tells that Rani is such a type of girl who may even try to kill Maharani. He asks Prakash to marry Mahalaxmi and take care of her.

Any time in this week we could see the birth secrets of Rani exploding and she becoming more violent.

Maharani-Episode-175 to 191 - 2-8-10 to 24-8-10 - Play-list Videos

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